Health Benefits of Sauna Use


Partaking in regular sauna sessions is not just for short term bliss. Beyond the hypnotic cedar aroma, tranquil exhales, and calming sensations you feel while in a sauna, there are long-lasting health benefits. Adding the ritual of the sauna works wonders for the body and mind that stack up in your favour, as backed by medical studies across the globe. 


Improved Circulation

Circulation of course means warmer extremities, but the health benefits go beyond warm toes. When blood vessels dilate it increases the body’s natural healing process. Better blood flow through the body means fewer aches and pains. This means that cuts and bruises will heal faster and that physically-induced muscle tension will ease. 

Sleep Better, Stress Less

The peaceful steady sweat of the sauna releases endorphins supplying a welcomed bliss after each session. The sweat also helps to regulate cortisol levels which interfere with the ability to sleep soundly and can also compromise immunity. During the regulation of cortisol, the body is stimulated to produce serotonin, which makes us feel happy. Undoubtedly, happy humans sleep better and awake more balanced. 

Increased Immunity

White blood cells are responsible for fighting off illnesses and viruses alike, their production is stimulated by the heat of the sauna, and your white blood cell count increases. If you suffer from allergies or cold, congestion the steam will help alleviate congestion. Adding eucalyptus to the steam or other essential oils can further aid in congestion relief. 

Flush Toxins 

Reset the body inside and out. Whether environmental or consumed we unknowingly collect toxins in our body that can slow us down, saunas lure these unwelcome toxins out of our body through our sweat. Ensure that these toxins aren’t reabsorbed by your body by practicing hydrotherapy, a cold plunge or shower after you sweat will rinse away the toxins you’ve just released from your body.  

Reduced Risk of Cardiovascular Disease

The heat of the sauna reduces arterial stiffness and increases mobility in the autonomic nervous system this lowers blood pressure. Adding exercise to your regular routine combined with frequent sauna sessions substantially reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease, probably one of the most substantial long-lasting reasons to sauna for health benefits. Read more on this BMC Medicine study.  

When pondering whether to hit the sauna or not, remember that with regular sauna use you’re building a healthier and happier version of yourself. Invest in yourself via frequent sauna sessions for long term health and happiness and of course, short term bliss.

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